Hiking and sleeping: three ways to set up your tarp

Tent and tarp on a beach

There are very many ways you can set a up a tarp. In this blog post we're going to demonstrate just three of them - the classic A-frame, the more open version of the A-frame and using your tart as a tent raincover.

How to make a fire when you’re hiking (with pictures and step-by-step instructions)

How to make a campfire firewood tent book

We LOVE sitting by a campfire and sometimes you really need a fire - to dry your clothes or keep warm. It's actually easy to make a fire if you know how to do it. Watch this quick video or follow the photos and instructions below.

Let’s face it – because of the coronavirus crisis, we will not be travelling much in the next six months. Perfect time to start hiking


Even if countries will open their borders, many people will probably not rush to travel to cities and crowded tourism destinations. We think it's the perfect time to explore the outdoors and start hiking locally.

You don’t need “bushcraft” to enjoy hiking!

Beaver marks on trees

There are more and more videos and blogs out there about "bushcraft". Many of them get a lot more views and likes than hiking videos. I’m hopeful that most people won’t feel the need to apply stone age methods in the 21st century world.

Responsible hiking: “Leave no trace”

Female hiker in the mountains Andalusia

"Leaving no trace" is not difficult. It's a natural thing to do if you want to preserve the nature you're enjoying and protect the wildlife. Here's how to "Leave no trace" while hiking.

The ultimate hiking gear check-list (download in PDF)

Backpack Trekking Poles Tundra Lapland

Pilots use checklists before take-off and so should you before you head out for a hiking trip. This way you will make sure you've packed everything you need to stay safe and comfortable in the outdoors. I’ve created a check-list for you. You can download the ultimate hiking gear check-list as a PDF.

Solving hiking problems: heavy backpack, feeling cold (or hot), mosquitos

Backpack weight on scale

Hiking isn't always easy. Learn how to deal with common problems like feeling cold or hot, mosquitos and a backpack that is too heavy.

How to start hiking?

Female Hiker Forest

The great thing about hiking though, is that going for a day hike or for a few days and staying in a tent or under a tarp is not very complicated. This blog will teach you all you need to know, to get out there, stay safe and stay comfortable.

5 Reasons I Love Hiking

Backpack Beach Vormsi

I had always thought that sleeping in a tent would be incredibly uncomfortable and hikers must have issues with personal hygiene (no shower, no bathroom) – only to discover that actually you can stay safe and comfortable if you have the right clothes, the right gear and the right skills.