Hiking and sleeping: How to set up an A-frame tarp with hiking poles (with pictures, step-by-step instructions and video)

Tarp campsite sleeping bag water bottle backpack

Setting up a tarp using hiking poles can seem a bit complicated in the beginning but it actually quite easy when you get the hang of it. Here are step-by-step instructions with pictures and some videos to help you manage guidelines and stakes.

How to stay safe while hiking?

Hiking Trail Marking

Hiking is generally a safe activity. But there are some risks that you should be aware of to stay safe and comfortable.

A complete list of all the clothes you need to go hiking

Hiker wood cabin tundra Lapland

Here's an easy guide that lists every item of clothing you will need to go hiking. Now you know what you need AND what you don't need to get going.

Solving hiking problems: heavy backpack, feeling cold (or hot), mosquitos

Backpack weight on scale

Hiking isn't always easy. Learn how to deal with common problems like feeling cold or hot, mosquitos and a backpack that is too heavy.

Everything you need for a day-hike. Clothes and gear

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Here’s the ultimate guide to everything that you need for a day hike.