How to stay safe while hiking?

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Hiking is generally a safe activity. But there are some risks that you should be aware of to stay safe and comfortable.

The ultimate hiking gear check-list (download in PDF)

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Pilots use checklists before take-off and so should you before you head out for a hiking trip. This way you will make sure you've packed everything you need to stay safe and comfortable in the outdoors. I’ve created a check-list for you. You can download the ultimate hiking gear check-list as a PDF.

Everything you need for a day-hike. Clothes and gear

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Here’s the ultimate guide to everything that you need for a day hike.

How to start hiking?

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The great thing about hiking though, is that going for a day hike or for a few days and staying in a tent or under a tarp is not very complicated. This blog will teach you all you need to know, to get out there, stay safe and stay comfortable.