How to make a fire when you’re hiking (with pictures and step-by-step instructions)

How to make a campfire firewood tent book

We LOVE sitting by a campfire and sometimes you really need a fire - to dry your clothes or keep warm. It's actually easy to make a fire if you know how to do it. Watch this quick video or follow the photos and instructions below.

How to dry your clothes and gear while hiking?

Female hiker in canoe on a lake

It's almost inevitable that your clothes and gear will get wet sometimes when you’re hiking. It might rain or a water bottle may leak into your bag. What to do and how to get them dry as fast and effortlessly as possible?

You don’t need “bushcraft” to enjoy hiking!

Beaver marks on trees

There are more and more videos and blogs out there about "bushcraft". Many of them get a lot more views and likes than hiking videos. I’m hopeful that most people won’t feel the need to apply stone age methods in the 21st century world.

Responsible hiking: “Leave no trace”

Female hiker in the mountains Andalusia

"Leaving no trace" is not difficult. It's a natural thing to do if you want to preserve the nature you're enjoying and protect the wildlife. Here's how to "Leave no trace" while hiking.