Let’s face it – because of the coronavirus crisis, we will not be travelling much in the next six months. Perfect time to start hiking


Even if countries will open their borders, many people will probably not rush to travel to cities and crowded tourism destinations. We think it's the perfect time to explore the outdoors and start hiking locally.

Moon & Honey Travel bloggers Kati and Sabrina: “we’ve navigated some really difficult travel experiences together”

Moon and Honey

Moon & Honey Travel is an awesome travel blog that we've been following. It's run by Kati and Sabrina and we had the chance to ask Sabrina some questions about their experiences as travellers. We hope you enjoy this interview and check out the links for some amazing hiking destinations and ideas. The World won't be in lockdown permamently. We plan to get out there and hike as soon as it's possible. All the brilliant photographs in this post are made by Kati and Sabrina.

Do I need to buy special hiking clothes for hiking?

Hiker Mountains Andalusia

With very few exceptions, clothes that are specifically designed and made for hiking are much more comfortable than clothes for the city or sportswear. You can wear your hiking clothes in the city but your city clothes are usually pretty awful on the trail.

How to dry your clothes and gear while hiking?

Female hiker in canoe on a lake

It's almost inevitable that your clothes and gear will get wet sometimes when you’re hiking. It might rain or a water bottle may leak into your bag. What to do and how to get them dry as fast and effortlessly as possible?

A complete list of all the clothes you need to go hiking

Hiker wood cabin tundra Lapland

Here's an easy guide that lists every item of clothing you will need to go hiking. Now you know what you need AND what you don't need to get going.

“Layered clothing” the secret to staying comfortable while hiking

Hiker wearing waterproof breathable shell in the tundra in Lapland

Layered clothing is basically a way of dressing that will make you more comfortable outdoors. The idea is to have multiple “layers” or items of clothing that you can put on or take off depending on the conditions.

Hiking and hygiene: how to stay clean and comfortable?

Female Hiker Swimming Lake Bog

When I first contemplated hiking and especially sleeping in a tent, I was really sceptical about comfort and hygiene. No shower, no bathroom, that’s not for me. Well, it turns out that actually it’s not such a big deal and with some simple skills you will feel just fine. Here are some tips that will make you much more comfortable in the woods.

You don’t need “bushcraft” to enjoy hiking!

Beaver marks on trees

There are more and more videos and blogs out there about "bushcraft". Many of them get a lot more views and likes than hiking videos. I’m hopeful that most people won’t feel the need to apply stone age methods in the 21st century world.

The ultimate hiking gear check-list (download in PDF)

Backpack Trekking Poles Tundra Lapland

Pilots use checklists before take-off and so should you before you head out for a hiking trip. This way you will make sure you've packed everything you need to stay safe and comfortable in the outdoors. I’ve created a check-list for you. You can download the ultimate hiking gear check-list as a PDF.